Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pretty my face


So, now that I have a job and will be vacating my cosy little house more than 3 times a week which means more make up which means I need to get my skin in good condition to prepare me and my skin for all that dirt and grime London town will leave on my face. I've been reading loads of good things on other blogs about all the REN products so thought i'd try the 2 I think will be best for my acne prone horribly oily skin. I'm excited to try these out and see if they really help with my skin. to go with this I bought some new lipsticks I always always always wear brighter colours pinks, reds corals and I do love a dark plum/purple lip. But in my new job I have to be very clean and neat so no more coloured lips, as I cant do without lipstick I thought id buy MAC Patisserie to keep me going until I build up my nude lip product collection. I've recently become obsessed with glowing healthy skin hence the benefit high beam.

I cant wait to try all my new products and will do full reviews to see if I keep my clearer jobless non London tainted skin.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring is Here

Spring is finally here!! I thought I'd take advantage of it not knowing how long it's going to last, so I put on my favourite sunnies, cracked open a fruity cider and sat out in my garden with the new Look magazine for a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun. Also a mini celebration on my own as I finally got myself a job!!

I've also decided its time to get organised, I've bought myself a nice new notepad to keep on me at all times and write down EVERYTHING! New products I want to try, clothes I want to buy, places I want to go and many many more its going to be my list book. So I spent all night last night writing in it so far I've got about 8 pages full of things I want to try which means as soon as I get my first pay check quite a large chunk of it I've already mentally spent!

Hope everyone's out enjoying all the sunshine!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pesto cheese straws

So as my last post stated, I'm still very much a jobless bum and super bored which then leads me to bake. now these really are not the healthiest of snack but oh so tasty. I'm cheese obsessed and who doesn't love some puff pastry?
You can make your own puff pastry but its takes quite some time and you need to put your back into it or like I did this time just bought it already made from any super market. put some flower on the surface your rolling it out on then grate LOOOOOOADS of cheese if you love them super cheesey. put some cheese in fold the pastry in half roll it out again then add more cheese and keep doing this until you run out of cheese, then once more roll out and put in some pesto, fold and roll out keep them quite thick I think there better that way then cut into strips place on some baking paper and back for about 15 mins keep them quite soft because of you let them crisp up to much there quite dry.
Eat them warm from the oven that's the best or microwave them whenever you eat them.
Now give them a go and tuck in!!!



So still being a jobless bum I've had a lot of time to decorate my hands.
This was quick and easy to do but looks really eye catching I think. I used Barry M black nail varnish with the Models own/WAH nail varnish pen in white and just drew, it might be easier to get someone to do the hand that's harder to do to keep them neater but after many years of practice I seem to kind of okay of doing both hands.
Give it a go.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easter fudge cake

I know its been 2 weeks since Easter but I've been super busy this week its only today after I've spent nearly 6 hours doing a HUGE clear out of my room wardrobes and cleaned everything that I thought I'd sit down and share this with people.

For Good Friday we always have family over and my mum makes her fish pie so as a helping hand I baked dessert which was this chocolate fudge cake. This recipe like nothing I've ever made before with lots of ingredients and little bist that you do rather than just chucking everything in a mixer. it ends up being huge which the picture doesn't really show how

Monday, 1 April 2013

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Oh Boots how i have missed you.

As I have been away without a Boots store to help keep me up to date with beauty buys I went a tad mad on my first visit to one.

My first boots beauty buys in 10 months were;

  1. Benefit, how to look the best at everything in light. £25.50
    Now considering this is for light skin the foundation is definitely way to orange, I am always normal so pale I'm nearly transparent but having spent 10 months in the sunshine I actually have a tan but the foundation is still too dark even for me. the rest of the kit is very good and has cemented me in the fact that I'm going to spend the money on the porefessional full size as it just blends my pore and makes my face feel so silky smooth.
  2. Benefit fine one one cheek and lip tint £23.50
     I am already in love with. You can really see a rosey tint that looks natural rather than a big stripe of one colour, and the added highlighter is just perfect if like me your always on the go from day to night to just keep it in your bag with no brush needed for application
  3. Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr in 65-pink gold. £4.99
     Now I am a person who always loses all the lovely eye shadows that I spend 20 minutes putting on in the morning, I just was not blessed with non greasy eyelids BUT this for a cream has amazing staying power I can apply it on its own and it lasts nearly all day or it makes a lovely base for golden and purple powders on top I am already planning on what colours of this I'm getting next.
  4. Barry m gelly nail polish in light blue £3.99
    This is such an amazing colour that is highly pigmented and even just one coat give enough coverage I do always do 2 though as I think it just give all polish's a nice even look. now I've always loved barry m nail products, there cheap always have such an amazing selection of colours and last a good 4-5 days without any chips. I was expecting amazing things from this but alas I was underwhelmed it is a very pretty colour and has a lovely high shine without a top-coat but I found it chipped within 2 days which is faster than any of the normal nail polishes, that being said I would purchase another one as I love the selection of colours that they have.
  5. Ardell Demi waspie fashion lashes £5.49
    I haven't had an occasion to wear these yet but will put up a review asap
  6. Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder £3.99
    I was super excited about this as I've been using a loose powder which I hate as they are so bulky to carry around, but as you can see from the picture after just a 10 minute bus ride it had smashed so now im too worried to take it in my handbag as I think the container will just open and it will take me forever to clean up from my beloved rocco bag!!! don't you just hate it when this happens girls thank god it was a bargain and not an expensive powder.
  7. Real techniques Core collection brushes £21.99
    This brush set comes with 4 brushes and a handy little stand for them. the set contains, detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. The buffing brush is by far the best and it beats any brush I've previously used I have very greasy skin and hate having what feels like a thick layer of foundation but this, on top of the benefit porefessional leaves my skin looking smooth and even, the contour brush I have used every now and then for blusher but I would say this kit is worth spending £21.99 on for the buffing brush alone.

    I hope to save up again for my next splurge in boots as my list has already grown along with my obsession with reading other peoples beauty blogs.